Million Dollar Strategies with Shaun Buck and Bradley Callow

By Shaun Buck | Podcast

Sep 05

Success Starts At Home

I used to tell myself a fallacy that is common for many entrepreneurs. “I’m doing it for the family” is a mindset that allows us to work without guilt or remorse for our actions. While our businesses benefit, one key component that drives success for all leaders often falls by the wayside. Our families provide integral support that simply cannot come from anywhere else. We need them in order to thrive, but we often struggle to keep them in the right perspective.

Bradley Callow runs a business called Rich Legacy. He’s an expert in one thing that has transformed my life — and will for you too. He helps entrepreneurs bring balance back into their lives by providing tactics that help cultivate a healthy family dynamic. We are intentional with our time at work. We have goals, SOPs, and other support structures in place to help us succeed, but when we go home, it’s almost about survival. Brad joins us to explain how to bring your family back into the fold so you can live a happier and more fulfilled life.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Starting with hard tasks and moving to easy is a better tactic than starting easy and moving to complex challenges. By starting with the hard parts of a problem first, you can find easier solutions down the road.
  2. Problems with business often start with issues at home.
  3. Balance is key. If you move too far toward work over family, life suffers. If you move too far toward family over work, your business suffers.
  4. It’s not about the quantity of time you spend with your family, it’s about the quality.
  5. By implementing many of the same strategies you use in business, you can find similar successes within your family.
  6. There are core questions everyone should be asking their spouses and their children to ensure a happy family life.
  7. One a year, family retreats are a great way to take time to invest in each other.
  8. Brad discusses assessment, alignment, action, accountability as a strategy to help put the child and parent on the same page.
  9. Intentional time with your family is just as important as any business strategy.

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Shaun is a marketing mogul, a serial entrepreneur, and a loving father of five (all boys). His success in the newsletter marketing niche landed him the prestigious title of "Marketer of the Year" in 2014 and catapulted his company, The Newsletter Pro, to the top, ranking in the Inc 500 twice and the Inc 5000 once.