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Feb 14

Twitter Tip

By Shaun | Twitter

twitterTwitter is the new “big thing” in the web 2.0 world and one of my favorite twitter tools is

Twitter Counter is a simple tool that tracks the growth of your account on a daily basis. Giving you useful information like how many new followers you get per day on average and the estimated number of followers you will have within the next 30 days.

If you want to see your growth pattern compared to a few Twitter friends, Twitter Counter can graph that for you as well.

If you’re not using Twitter already, you need to start today, if for no other reason than it is fun to meet so many new and interesting people.

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Feb 13

5 of the Best Business Ideas You Can Start From Home Today.

By Shaun | Business Ideas

Are you looking for a business idea that will allow you to work from home? Here are five ideas that can be started with minimal start up costs but have huge potential.

1. Used Cardboard Boxes – Even with a slow housing market people are still moving. Anyone who has moved recently knows that it is very expensive to purchase new boxes to put all of your worldly possessions in. That’s where your used cardboard box service would come in. You would work with local businesses and residents to collect their used cardboard boxes then resell the good quality boxes to local residents who are moving. You will fill a need and the customer will save money and a few trees while they are at it. Sounds like a win – win to me.

2. Virtual Assistant – A virtual assistant is typically someone who works from home and handles routine day-to-day tasks for their clients. The type of tasks you will perform will vary from client to client. Some of the more universal tasks will be responding to and sorting e-mails, responding to customer service and refund requests and researching topics of interest for your clients. A good virtual assistant can charge anywhere from $12 – $60 or more per hour.
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Feb 12

Start Your Own Niche Forum Empire!

By Shaun | Business Ideas

I’m sure you have heard the saying that it takes money to make money and many years ago that was very true. But that statement doesn’t hold as true today.
Although having money makes making money easier, knowledge and a bit of work many times can fill in the lack of money gap.

For example you can literally build an online empire starting, growing and running online niche forums. Online forums are easily one of the least expensive businesses you can start (you can be up and running for about $20.00).
With ongoing expenses of less then $8.00 per month and income potential that can exceed $10,000 per month for a successful forum, it’s easy to see that you
no longer need money to make money. So that begs the question, if you don’t need money to make money; what does it take to start an online forum today?
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Apr 03

Business Idea: Auto Transport Broker

By Shaun | Business Ideas

My Sister and her family recently moved from Charlotte North Carolina to the Boise, Idaho area. While talking to her on the phone before their move, she told me about a company that is going to ship her car from North Carolina to Idaho for about eight hundred dollars plus a one hundred dollar brokers fee. My sister went on to tell me that the guy she is working with is a one man show that helps ship about five hundred cars per month. His brokers fee typically rangers from $100 – $250 dollars per transaction.

So I started doing a bit of math, and according to this broker he was grossing $50,000 per month maybe more. The broker happened to also mentioned that his Wife’s family was in the business and typically helped ship about 4000 cars per month! Wow at a $100 dollars per pop that is a staggering $400,000 in gross sales per month. Now I would assume they had employees but the broker who was making $50,000 per month was working out of his home via his cell phone.

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Apr 03

Trading Time for Money

By Shaun | Life 2.0

I am sometimes amazed at what people will do to save a dollar. I have a customer who I spoke with a few days ago. They are somewhat of a below average user for our service – they spend about $20 dollars per month and we like our customers to spend at least $40.00 per month on average. But this customer pays their bill on time each month and they have been nice folks the few times we have talked to them, they live on the same street as 5 or so other customers, so we let them continue to use our service; even though they do not do the minimum average volume we require of a customer.
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